Week 2

Hello again.

Last week at FNRI, we mainly participated in the training of the pilot field survey. The pilot survey will officially start next month in multiple areas including Batangas, which is where we will  be going. The training was very comprehensive and included a walk through of different questionnaires, interviews and anthropometric measurements. We have some lovely snack times in between the training sessions when people can rest and have snacks provided by the company. I found the employees here are very friendly and just joyous in general. Everyone seems to be quite content with their work and people are diligent at their jobs as well. I found it kind of confusing at first to make sense of relations or the concepts of regions, cities, and barangays. Then I eased my confusion by drawing the geographic locations out on a piece of paper. I doodle in my spare time.

13.pic_hd 12.pic_hd

On the weekends, we visited several historical sites as well as the national museum in Intramural Manila and we met a horse named Grambo.

14.pic_hd 16.pic_hd

We also visited the oldest stone church in the country, San Agustin Church, which was founded in 1571. The church survived several invasions, earthquakes and calamities. It is a lone survivor of WW2 in Intramuros, Manila. Connecting to the church is a museum as well as a place where an elite family store their ashes. I learned from friends from Human Nature that cremation is actually a more expensive choice in the Philippines compared to ground burial.

5.pic_hd 6.pic_hd

It is a thirty-minute walk from FNRI to our condos. Everyday we went through a skywalk and I have been taking pictures from it.

2.pic_hd  8.pic_hd.jpg

The other day, I bought a pig-shape candy floss at the mall.

10.pic 4.pic_hd

To sum up, it has been a fun week!






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