Palawan Pawnshop


Before we start, I just want to explain the title. Palawan Pawnshop is a chain of pawnshops that I saw in several locations, including one on my way to work everyday. No, we did not go to Palawan nor a pawnshop. The title has basically nothing to do with anything that I am about to write. I just like the alliteration.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Corregidor, an island located by the entrance of Manila Bay. Due to the sensitive location of the island, Corregidor was fortified as harbor defense of the main island Luzon. Corregidor now became a historic monument due to its bombarded military installations left from WW2. Most bombarded historic sites are not completely restored but left the way as they were decades ago. We took a walking tour on the island and hiked in the woods. There are may wild life on the island, we saw many goats and several monkeys in the jungle. There are also jumping spiders hiding in the leaves.

image1  image2-1

During weekdays, we attended the FNRI seminar series from Monday to Wednesday. The seminars include a variety of topics regarding the progress that researchers have made to improve the nutritional awareness of the country. The collective effort that FNRI puts into their work is impressive. The seminar gave us a glimpse of a growing industry that dedicates itself to give people a better understanding of healthy dietary and a healthier way of living.

PS: Sorry that I don’t have many pictures for this post. My phone decided to be rid of me and stop functioning. Hence, I can’t retrieve most of the pictures that I have taken for the past week. My apology.


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