I Need No Clever Title for Boracay


Last weekend, the FNRI group took a trip to Boracay. A “trip” that involves an uber ride, followed by a plane ride, a bus ride, then a ferry and finally a tricycle ride for us to leave Taguig for Boracay. I was reading horror manga the entire time at the airport waiting for our delayed flight. I don’t know why I want to include that piece of information in this blog post, but Junji Ito has become my favorite manga writer without a doubt. The plane ride was quite short and the pilot kept the plane at a relatively low altitude during night time. I can see the shimmering light coming from  the fishing-boat, wobbling in the dark ocean. The sea was buzzing with its dormant strength underneath us.

Anyway, we stayed in a house with thatch ceilings on a hill surrounded by a tranquil forest. The house gave out a slightly eerie vibe due to its secluded location and spacious indoor area, and of course, with my mind infested by horror manga, my imagination of a haunted house scenario was running wild. There  were many wild chickens wandering around the area, and some of the roosters would call all night long. On a happier note, the place is beautiful if you kill off all the imagination.

The next day we went to the Diniwid beach, which is only five minutes away from our house. Personally speaking, Diniwid beach is my favorite compared to the white beach and buka beach. It’s a rather small white-sand beach with a few restaurants nearby. It is definitely more secluded than the other beaches. The sea softly doused the beach and it reminded me how much I like to swim. The gushing waves were so comforting and the water was so clear with cylinders of light moving across it. I gazed out at the slothful sea and felt never more relaxed. The seabed was made up of  incredibly soft white sand. Every time we stomped our feet onto the sand, it would make a ripple in the water, kind of like Godzilla stomping and destroying Tokyo with burning hellfire beneath him.


On the next day, we went to White Beach and d mall. White beach is relatively more crowded and commercialized than Diniwid beach. We had some Thai food and pet a very lovely dog. The dog had a very short leash that tied himself to a bamboo poll nearby. It was an incredibly friendly puppy. The leash did not give him much mobility, yet he was still very excited to play with people. During our first initiative to leave the puppy, it made its effort of chasing us, which ended with him tumbling in the sand. The dog belongs to a middle-age guy who owns a henna tattoo booth nearby. It was a lovely dog and I was very disgruntled about the short leash situation

image7  image300

By the way, we saw an amazing sunset.


The third day of our stay, we went back to Diniwid beach and had lunch on a restaurant built on a cliff above water.

image10  image11

Our trip back to Taguig on Sunday was really rough, but I do not want  to go into details about it because then the whole paragraph is just going to be filled with my negativity jammed into every single word.

This week at FNRI, we were suppose to get ready and attend the orientation for the field survey stating on Thursday, but the schedule was further delayed to next Monday. To be honest, I am slightly frustrated with the\is result because I would like to have enough time to participate in the data analysis, which happens after the pilot survey. Hopefully we still can.




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