Week 6

I just realize that I never actually write about my office routine when we don’t have field works, so here it is:

A day in my glam office life:

We leave the condo everyday around 7:30am and walk for 30 minutes to the DOST compound. The walk involves a very narrow pedestrian walk, and at certain points, we need to balance ourselves from sliding through a telephone pole while not falling into traffic. After the pedestrian walk, we go on a skywalk. The skywalk is relatively less intense but quite crowded to be honest. By the way I definitely feel the steel board of the skywalk moving when I walked over. To be honest, everyone on the skywalk looks moderately miserable to the extant I almost feel like they are condemning me with the looks in their eyes, but I hope it’s just morning and the heat. After the skywalk, we need to pass through a morning market. People sell fish and produce along the pedestrian walk. There is a dog that we always see during this walk. He looks very not content with his life. After the morning market, we walk through a jeep/tricycles stop. That part of the road is constantly muddy and many drivers pee along the side of it. Finally we would reach the DOST campus. DOST campus is beautiful with a very lush plantation covering the area. There are usually crushed flat frogs or toads in the middle of the road.

After we get through the door of FNRI, we punch our time card from an old-fashioned clock and head upstairs. The FNRI building is interestingly built on a fault line. The line basically goes through the library in the building. Our office is very nice and air-conditioned, people are very friendly and shy. Every morning I get my breakfast and lunch from an incredibly nice lady called Ate Pas. She cooks for the office and people who want to buy food from her needs to sign their names on the menu under what dish they want. I have a chance to taste a variety of Filipino dish everyday thanks to her. After breakfast I will drink my tea and start the day. When we are in the building, we are usually involved in orientations, briefing about filed works or just reviewing data from previous years’ surveys. During lunch time, I normally go to the canteen and have my lunch with other interns. We usually leave the office around 5pm.

Last Thursday, we went to World Trade Center for DOST National Science and Technology Convention. During the convention we were able to see many sustainable environmental inventions brought by many DOST departments as well as FNRI. One thing that I found particularly interesting was the Raft and Longline Methods of Oyster Culture. It is an environmentally friendly method of growing oysters using strings or ropes of oysters and coconut shell clutches. The oysters would be attached to strings of coconut shells in the water. The reason I found this invention interesting is that people can hardly connect coconut shells with oyster farming. We see coconuts floating in the sea sometimes, but never relate it with any kind of sustainable farming methods. After the convention we went to Mall of Asia and got frozen yogurt.

On Saturday, we invited several coworkers from FNRI to our condo. Our friend from the same division NAMD was very kind to cook us chicken adobo and mango float for dinner. Since his birthday was approaching, we prepared a surprise cake for him. It was a fun evening!




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